How You'll Train

We don't exercise. We train.


Exercise can get you sweaty, get your heart pumping, or quickly burn a few calories. Personal trainers can make up a new workout each day and tell you that exercise variety is key. But at the end of the day, random workouts are not scalable, quantifiable and they do not work. 

Training is different. It’s logical, regimented, and planned over the long-term, to produce a specific adaptation.  A stress is applied and we adapt to that stress, provided it has been designed and implemented correctly. Random exercise with no clear long-term goal or intent is not training. Everything we do at Brussels Barbell is straightforward and efficient so that your strength will continue to increase for a long time. You will actually see (and feel!) your progress each day as the weights slowly increase. All you need to do is show up and get under the bar.


Why the Barbell?

Simply put: it works better than anything else. Nothing comes close to making the body as strong as using barbells correctly — it improves stamina, power, balance, coordination, skeletal loading, endurance, bone density, central nervous system activity, and mental health.

Barbells load the body in a systemic way that cannot be duplicated by any other machine or fitness tool, to provide tremendous increases in strength. This is because correctly performed barbell exercises use the most muscle mass possible, over the longest effective range of motion that allow us to safely lift the most weight. The squat, press, deadlift and bench press are the cornerstones of any good strength program; they involve lots of joints, muscle mass and your body’s natural movement patterns, and you will learn how to execute them safely and effectively. No matter your condition today, there IS a weight at which you can start to help you begin your journey.