Brussels Barbell



Strength Matters. Find YOURS with us.

Starting Strength is in Europe!

The best equipped strength training facility in Brussels and the first Starting Strength Affiliate in Europe. Regardless of age, experience or current level of activity, there IS a weight at which you can safely start your journey towards building incredible strength. Expert coaching from a Starting Strength Coach and a private rack, platform and equipment is guaranteed every time you walk through door. There is no better place to train than Brussels Barbell.


Why Strength?

Strength is at the core of everything we do — all day, every day because it is the most general and fundamental physical adaptation we can make. Whether we’re carrying boxes, playing with kids, grocery shopping or participating in sports, the foundation is always the same: it starts with strength.

People who are strong experience increased energy, stamina, coordination, balance, mental vigor and power. It’s the basis of health — both physically and mentally — and the most important change you can make for a high quality of life. So ... are you ready to get strong?


The Barbell

Squat, press, bench and deadlift. From your very first session with us, you’ll learn all the terminology and how a barbell will reshape your body — every muscle, ligament, bone and tendon. The barbell is proven to be by far the most efficient tool for building strength, as it loads the body in a systemic way that cannot be duplicated by any other machine or fitness tool. We begin at a weight that’s right for you (maybe even no weight!) and coach you to achieve a strength you never knew possible.


How We Do It

At Brussels Barbell, we do things a little differently. Don’t expect a spin studio, hot yoga classes, or smoothie bars. We don’t have rows of cardio machines, and we don’t treat the gym like a fashion runway. There are no elastic bands, medicine balls, or kettlebells, and you won’t spend time performing random, inefficient exercises because your time matters, and we won’t waste it. We’re here for one purpose: to get strong. Whether you’re young or old, beginner or advanced, we look forward to supporting you in your journey.

The Squat

The Starting Strength Method

Brussels Barbell is proud to be the first and only Starting Strength Affiliate in Europe. No other facility in Belgium guarantees its members a private platform, rack, bars, plates and access to expert coaching from a Starting Strength Coach — every time they train.

The Press

Group Sessions With Personal Attention

Our sessions are held in a small group setting, with no more than 6 people training at the same time. This allows us to offer personal, targeted, one-on-one attention, while also having fun in an environment that’s supportive and encouraging. Every work set you perform is meticulously and actively coached by a Starting Strength Coach.

COVID-19 Secure

Your health and safety are our top priority, and we have introduced various measures to ensure our gym is as hygienic as possible.

In line with government regulations, we have capped a maximum number of people permitted in the gym at the same time, and nobody will enter your personal space while you train. Our equipment is spaced out to ensure a minimum 1.5m distance between people, and everything is sanitized between training sessions. We’re learning and adapting with the regulations as they evolve, so if you have any feedback or questions about our COVID-19 safety measures, please contact us!