How We Coach

Every rep of every work set you do at Brussels Barbell is meticulously coached by a Starting Strength Coach. Never on your own, you'll have the trained eye of a professional strength coach, instructing and cueing to ensure things are done correctly. 

Starting Strength Coaches are different. We’ve been scrutinized and evaluated at the highest level in the industry, not only for our ability to teach, analyze and correct  movement patterns but also as lifters who have gone through the process of becoming stronger ourselves. We want to share our knowledge and expertise of teaching, coaching, and programming the barbell lifts with you for the most effective way to get stronger in existence.

Obtaining the Starting Strength credential is a long and arduous journey — from racking up thousands of coaching hours and detailed studying of the human body to intense coaching and lifting evaluations on the platform. However, the end result is a double benefit; we’re subject matter experts in anatomy, physics, biomechanics and kinesiology, AND we’re experienced, proficient lifters who understand what it is to train for strength.

Starting Strength Coaches are not personal trainers. We won't make up workouts on the spot, stare at our phones or ask you to do something we haven't done ourselves. There will never be unqualified “coaches” in our gym. Ever. Every step of your strength journey will be guided and monitored by a professional strength coach, who is able to correctly teach and coach the moment model of barbell training to anyone — no matter your age, experience or ability level.